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i don't want this to seem like a hate message or anything bc it's not but how do you consider anons/strangers friends? genuine curious question btw sorry if it comes across as bitchy :/



to me everyone is a friend until proven otherwise, that’s just how my head works, i am a v v v friendly person and do not generally like to do anything that could make somebody even a little sad

yeah brb i’m too sad to see or speak or anything

i really wish i was one of those girls that got asked to take part in photo shoots or to take part in someone’s hairdressing folio or to just hang out and be seen with other people without any catches but i’m just not that good enough in any aspect for anyone to ever take me seriously ever

i just want to curl up and die rn and i don’t know where this bad mood has come from

i really really need a friend right now but nobody likes you unless you’re pretty or dying


People who loudly point out other peoples self harm scars in public:
- Run to an airport
- Buy yourself a plane ticket
- Book it to destination: the fiery pits of hell.

fun fact about me: i’ve always wanted to be a professional dancer but there’s these kind of kids/people in the world called bullies who make this thing called your self esteem plummet so low that you end up becoming a stupid fat ugly shitty turd who works as a sales assistant in a shitty shop where most of the customers aren’t very pleasant, because you think and know that you’re good for absolutely nothing and have no purpose in life - juuuuuuust like them.


i hate it when u sharpen ur pencil hella sharp and then right when u put pressure on it, it breaks like wtf pencil do ur job

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